Friday, June 29, 2007

Smelling Cheesesteak on Manyunk Wall

This was the easiest Philly yet, a pretty negative race which surprised me given some teams lacking pure sprinters (Webcor and Lipton). The race still sketches me out in the beginning, but I did better with positioning than ever. I attacked on the final straightaway into Lemon and Strawberry Hills. Maybe this wasn’t the smartest, a kind of self-defeatest move that reflects my lack of confidence in my own ability to finish this bunch sprint well. My guest rider teammate Ally Brandt had told me she wanted to attack on Lemon Hill, so I brought her up, and that was it – I blew. But surprisingly I chased down the group after getting dropped, which makes me think I should have raced for the finish myself. But Ally got 16th and I’m glad to have contributed. Here's a picture of my friend and former teammate Rebecca Wellons, but you can see me in the background.

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