Saturday, July 7, 2007

Anybody Want an Armwarmer?

Black, size small. Evidence mounts for one former teammate's conviction that arm, knee, and leg warmers be sold in sets of three. Of course, she also raced the Fitchburg time trial with one aero bar one year, and once catapulted herself headlong off a classic Tom Steven's drop-off during a Deven's cross race, having exclaimed beforehand how rather than scrub speed, one should actually sprint into it ... Wow we had some good times on Gearworks! In other news, I am returning to following world events such as wars and bombs as well as connecting with friends, one of whom is badly shaken as a result of being violently mugged outside her San Francisco apartment, both of which restore cycling drama to its rightful standing as rather unimportant and self-indulgent. Going to a wedding in Brooklyn tomorrow: a childhood friend is marrying a leading libertarian thinker/New York Post columnist. Perplexing world.

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