Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Way to go Leg!

Quick because I am going pedaling but doctor's appointment today and I AM OUT OF THE BOOT! X-rays showed "a surprising amount of new bone formation." I can do everything except go running, but even that I can probably start in a month or so. Way to go leg! That's more like it! The straight-talking x-ray tech didn't disappoint (last time she told me I was in the "baby stages of healing"), exclaiming "wow! look at how much muscle you've lost!" Wow indeed and that's the next project but hurray for now. Thanks everyone.


Katie said...

ANNA! Holy Smokes - I've been out of the loop. Just read back issues of your blog and realized what you've been up to. Yikes, but yay that the boot's gone and you're back to packing muscle onto that wasted little leg =)
Best wishes and happy pedaling to you. See you in Vegas?

Rebecca said...

Great news, Anna!!