Friday, October 24, 2008

Today marked day one of maximizing not racing in Kentucky: doing homework; organizing papers, bike parts, and clothes; rearranging furniture; cleaning the car; replacing the saddle on my commuter bike (pictured); doing core work at the gym; going for a pedal up my local hill; and even writing a few postcards. And drinking tea. I wish I could zip my way out to the Bay Area Halloween Race this weekend (or is it next?) - seems like a cross classic not to be missed. Racing in animal feet with tiaras etc. Following that election, hoping people (well, those voting for my candidate...) don't get lazy and forget to vote. Get that done and start solving these economic woes. Bike racer me rejoices in low gas prices; enviro me bemoans the loss of incentive for renewables.


d said...

trick or treat miss snazzy socks! you had friday off to do all that stuff and you're an environmentalist to boot? now know you're a country club elitist. you sit up in trees too? well anyway, what ya all doin for halloween? trade in them bikes for brooms and fly em around? what ya all going as to the halloween party? joan of arc? fairy godmother? dorothy & toto? cinderella? evil kneival with them broken bones? madonna of the trail? britney spears and paris hilton? know you have more brains than those two airheads put together. or are ya going as she-devils and loup-garou? bet you're going as dr seuss' cat in the hat with them socks. attended a very good and highly informative lecture last evening about the chinese government's censorship efforts of the internet. tell ya you'd never get away with your website there especially with those socks. true the yale mascot is the whiffenpoofs? or is that the whippenpoops? guess it beats the banana slugs and the fire ants. rah! rah! rah! go whiffenpoofs! there's snow on the ground in regina says my source. mush you whiffenpoofs! got a beethoven and brahms for cello and piano recital to attend this evening. real high-brow stuff!!

d said...

saaaaay! went to the recital. heard beethoven's trio in Bb for clarinet, cello and piano, opus 11 (1796) and brahms' trio in A minor for clarinet, cello and piano, opus 114 (1891). wow! culture! still like debussey better. so there! you're going to the wrong school to be an environmentalist. should be going to cornell.