Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Wrap

2008 is almost gone. The weather continues to make cross-country skiing in New England, at least at lovely Notchview, a dicey proposition. Art can provide some color (Sol LeWitt pictured). Both might help you ignore Blago and his Paul Mitchell “football” (Burris is a TOOL), the practice of appointing senators, and the suspension of critical thought in light of personal gain demonstrated by Madoff investors, not to mention his lack of conscience. Power of profit motive to advance social good, from ecosystem services to microfinance, but we’ve also witnessed the worst of mismanagement and greed, as far as I can tell. Tell me the auto bailout doesn’t amount to picking winners… How about we invest in BetaMax? Or wait, here is a good idea, how about ethanol? Why is it news to base medicine on evidence? At least you can enjoy this series – not all newspapers are dead yet - including this one on the perils of scans, and not just from a cost-effectiveness standpoint. Tons of buzz about the work of Nicholas Christakis showing that health behaviors ranging from smoking to happiness to eating habits spread like contagions across social networks. Enviros clamor to present a united voice for Obama in this 391-pager. Green might be on the back burner what with recession and price of oil, or maybe not…. Green jobs, green infrastructure, two birds with one stone, co-benefits, service bundling, triple bottom line….Truth to the cliché of calling every hardship an “opportunity.” Word has it the new energy secretary Stephen Chu is a cyclist. Perhaps a cyclist sensibility will inform his work on this challenge. Self-pity I am not in Hawaii tempered by the weather reports from Fairbanks, with a high of -38 today. The bro reports on coal for home heating. He neglects health so check this out. One village in China burns such dirty coal that smoking is dwarfed as a lung cancer risk factor. Paterson proposes taxing soda for $400 million in revenue. Won’t solve diabetes in India but maybe in New York, plus make up for combusted Wall Street. Kelly Brownell gets his day. In biking news, the American cross racers are rocking in Europe. So cool. 2009 here we come!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Last minute trip to Kansas. Best ride of the year on Friday in the Masters 30, thanks to Tom Stevens's lines. Mediocre on Sunday on a hard dirt track with freezing hands, best gloves carelessly forgotten at the hotel given 60-degree temperature at departure, 3 hrs before our 25-degree race. Saturday's way-too-long ride, a circuitous route from course to hotel via international airport, featured some excellent farm scenery. Motivated to get strong again someday soon.