Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Last minute trip to Kansas. Best ride of the year on Friday in the Masters 30, thanks to Tom Stevens's lines. Mediocre on Sunday on a hard dirt track with freezing hands, best gloves carelessly forgotten at the hotel given 60-degree temperature at departure, 3 hrs before our 25-degree race. Saturday's way-too-long ride, a circuitous route from course to hotel via international airport, featured some excellent farm scenery. Motivated to get strong again someday soon.


stefan said...

boy, kansas landscape looks a little dull. nice job with the race(s)!

d said...

hello, are you racing in the redlands bike race this march? if so for what team? those pictures don't look like kansas; looks like wisconsin. ever tried better than s.n.l. anyway, have a good and safe holiday season. see if you can keep from falling off that bike in 2009.

Anna Milkowski said...

D - Ooops, been neglecting the blog a bit! No Redlands plans for this year. You? I LOVE Politico. And yes, so crashing!!! Safe so far in the swimming pool.