Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall 2010

Now to bring you up to speed... Since my last update, I was just settling into teaching when I smashed my wrist racing in the Hub on Wheels Mayor's Cup Criterium in downtown Boston. I was going around a downhill corner when another rider and I somehow locked bars. And suddenly there I was moaning on the side of the road against a curb and a haybale, taking note of a deformed wrist but far more concerned I had a broken hip. Waiting to be put on a backboard I kept thinking "I'm so over this." Thankfully my hip was just badly bruised. Countless people were extremely helpful, especially my colleagues who covered the nearly two weeks of school I missed recovering from the crash and the subsequent surgery. After that adventure settled down, and after basically a month without exercise, the question was how to invent a cyclocross- and bike-free existence. I've slowly cajoled by body into being able to run, started swimming, and been enjoying teaching and other projects at school. And so, the fall in pictures: hiking in the snow, the Addison's new green roof, progress on Stefan's cabin, carving a pumpkin, trail running, and my bionic wrist.