Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall 2010

Now to bring you up to speed... Since my last update, I was just settling into teaching when I smashed my wrist racing in the Hub on Wheels Mayor's Cup Criterium in downtown Boston. I was going around a downhill corner when another rider and I somehow locked bars. And suddenly there I was moaning on the side of the road against a curb and a haybale, taking note of a deformed wrist but far more concerned I had a broken hip. Waiting to be put on a backboard I kept thinking "I'm so over this." Thankfully my hip was just badly bruised. Countless people were extremely helpful, especially my colleagues who covered the nearly two weeks of school I missed recovering from the crash and the subsequent surgery. After that adventure settled down, and after basically a month without exercise, the question was how to invent a cyclocross- and bike-free existence. I've slowly cajoled by body into being able to run, started swimming, and been enjoying teaching and other projects at school. And so, the fall in pictures: hiking in the snow, the Addison's new green roof, progress on Stefan's cabin, carving a pumpkin, trail running, and my bionic wrist.


PoorDumbBastard said...

Sorry to hear about the accident there, Anna. I hope it's healing up well. It'd be disappointing to see you leave the sport completely.

Cat said...

Well, dang! I'm sure you will bounce back. Bet you can still beat most competitors one-handed! If nothing else you will be a fine cycling coach.

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