Monday, October 15, 2007

Gloucester Day 2: Conservatism and a Result

Lyne Bessette raced with the men again, then rode the first few laps of our race at a forgiving pace so as not to tempt some of us to blow up. She was like the Pied Piper - it was actually amusing. I took the lead into the downhill corners off the start (but imagine Lyne could have if she wanted), took a few pulls but was not going to animate because clearly she was in charge and because we weren't going fast enough to have forced a selection so there was a front group of at least five and it was a windy, grass crit course. On a more technical course with fewer free riders and less advantage to group riding, or if I hadn't just had one of my worst days ever on the bike, maybe I would or should have jumped to try to force a selection. But I guess I wasn't racing for 1st because if I were I should have led through the corners into the sandpit instead on lap two Lyne just gunned it out of the sandpit like an airplane and I didn't even try to go, with people on my wheel. Worked with Natasha Elliot, who had a lot of horsepower, holding off a strong chase group, and was able to gap her coming off the run-up on the last lap and barely hold that gap to the line. I guess I raced smart, got a result which makes me happy, but I also do not plan to make a habit of racing for 2nd place. Rebecca Much is getting her cross legs back! The irreverent Chris Jones continues to inspire. Countless people were extremely supportive after my demoralizing day on Saturday - thanks. And to those who have not quite found their legs yet, they will come, be patient. Here I am with my mom.

5 comments: said...

Hey Anna, congrats on a great finish yesterday and nice to meet you.

FYI, Report should be up at soon

By the way, is it "ann-a" or "ah-na"?

So we know next time we're cheering ...


Heather said...

AWESOME day on BOTH days! I'd rather blow trying for first than sit in and race for second! Not that second wasn't AWESOME!!! Keep rockin!

Anna Milkowski said...

Nice to meet you too, and thanks for your support! Thanks too for asking re: the name, which is AH-NA.
See you at the races,

Amy Dombroski said...

Good work - Looking forward to racing with you in KY!

Don said...

Ahna Banahna, so good to see you in cyberprint. I've gone the way of big suspension and speed in the woods and I don't think I'm ever coming back. Nice day for a road ride today, though. Might do that if I can get over my hairy legs.