Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Whitmore's Landscaping Super Cross 1

The ghost of Cross Vegas is vanquished and the season has started for real! Team racing characterized the weekend. Way back when Marianne Stover and I were part of the “Gearworks Juggernaut,” and there was one epic season when the two of us drove clear across the Northeast every weekend without second thought (Harrisburg, Camp Hill, we even drove straight from a race in New Hampshire to catch the Orient Point Ferry for Myle’s first ever Long Island race). We shared in each other’s successes but were also fiercely competitive in a way that raised the level of racing for both of us. No one can ride those ride-ups like Marianne! And although she’s based in California, I’m hoping this season that Barb Howe and I can do the same for each other. Saturday’s course was fast fast. After a good start that saw Lyne and Katie disappear off the front, Barb blasted by and I found myself battling with Mo, who was dragging somewhat due to the flu. First, let me just say that I am thrilled to be racing in such esteemed company! Mo dropped me on the steep ride-up hill, which I was riding but in slow and leg-sapping style in my 39-26, then added to the gap on the top section. But I did catch back on and when I finally was sure I could go clear without bringing Mo up to Barb, I went. I was closing pretty fast on 3rd but ran out of room. But Barb got third behind Katie and Lyne, so it was a good day.

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