Sunday, December 9, 2007

Yowsas: Blog Long Overdue

Wowsas, so much to catch up on...

Portland 1: Two laps in and I was racing in a part of the race I've never seen before (up front). Then I ate it, jammed the brake under the rim and made my way to the pit. Still 12th but something else maybe could have been. But taking away from it some self-belief. Amy rocked. 7th. Rest of the VBs too. City is way too rainy, for all its hip progressiveness.
Portland 2: Resourceful teammates charmed Clif Bar into lending us trainer space in a deluge. Good temperature management, decent start but just not good legs. Think I am really become a granny with this recovery stuff. No messing around.
Last Week: Actually I had a lot of fun at school, fodder for thought on relative risk, CT scans, mercury in tuna, and smoky coal use in rural China for heating and cooking. In my other life, I aspire to be a pundit, a la Colbert. And then the brother comes in to visit from Alaska.
Steadman: New venue, but still a power course. If I can only stop crashing, I might let good legs carry me to a win. Brother in the pit. 5 minutes of fame. Thanks super fans! Oh and I evidently have become a maniac in the car or my brother has fallen victim to Alaskan pace of life, because I was scaring him (and I was getting impatient with him driving). Bike carnage: one bent hanger, one irreparably bent hanger.
Castor's: Bad start and course so technical it was super hard to move up. Ride of the year by Amy. Mel on a great ride but flatted. 3rd for New England Series. 10-year-old xc-ski gloves are going in THE TRASH. Cry for jubilation or sadness, not cold fingers.
This week: BE A PRO. Someone has got to finish top 5 in nationals. Someone has got to win masters 30. Someone has got to go to bed. Photos by Sarah and Dave McElwaine. Thanks!


Heather said...

We're rooting for you Anna. Recover like you did at Toona. I was jealous at how well you tuned us all out and rested!! I don't know if we'll be able to tune Bowlsie and her new harmonica out this season!

Il Bruce said...

Well done on Saturday. It was an impressive ride.

Meant to come over and tell you in person but you seemed busy.

My wife was inspired by watching you women and may even get her Gunnar dirty next year.


Mr. Bruce

sarah said...

It was fun watching you race Sat! Great job! I snapped a pic of you on a runup and posted it on my blog, you're welcome to save a copy.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo on Velonews Anna! Keep up the good pedaling! Your glasses should arrive any minute! :D

Anna Milkowski said...

Never quite sure if I am to reply to these comments on my blog or blog of the comment-writer.... Hum. Heather, thanks. Very much awaiting the harmonica (Bowles, how is it coming?)! Mr. Bruce, ah I am never too busy, just often look that way! Excellent, your wife will be hooked in no time. Sarah, thanks so much for the photo - I've posted it just in time for Natalie to see how ugly the glasses I have been wearing are - just kidding! I think they came today but in urban life packages don't get left on the porch in my absence.