Saturday, January 5, 2008

Goal-setting, Perseverance, and Patience...

and you too can have a Connecticut driver's license (and maybe even get elected president)! In and out in just 4hrs! I feel somewhat for my skier friends with this impending January thaw, but given that I have forgotten how to ski, I am secretly happy. Thanks to the blog guardian angel for the photo modification - I do suppose blind trust is ill-advised.

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Leigh said...

i was going to come up there and track you down, but you scribbled everything out on your license, so DANG! hey, identity theft is real!!! hope all is well in school and life, and congrats on an amazing cross season, i'm so proud of you. come visit us in the ATL anytime (it was only about 70 degrees today), miss you to bits!


leigh ;)