Friday, January 25, 2008

Tucson on My Mind

On Christmas Eve I went on a tirade about the culture of false immediacy and importance and the demise of improvisational time for music/ art/ outdoors/ dialog/ sports/ inspiration that stems from the world of email and cell phone, one that led to a small quest for mindfulness (if I can learn to knit I can learn to be mindful), and the blog appears a small casualty. Update:
  • I miss training when I am racing so much cross! Back on the bike with all the optimism of a new year. After FREEZING on Sunday to the point that my heart rate and power both maxed out at 100, I have been getting extremely zen on the trainer this week, a cadence junkie as I try to both build power and learn to spin.
  • Hammering out my thesis project, scheming in general. Academic work generally addresses land use and health, but I am hoping too to do something to further the connection between sports, environmental quality, and public health. We all have a lot invested, even if we won’t be choking our way through the Bejing Olympics. Energy, the new plastics.
  • Watching movies and reading books – ideas can make you fast too.
  • GOOD LUCK to everyone at CROSS WORLDS!
I took this photo of the bike path in Tucson a few years ago. Teleport me...

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PoorDumbBastard said...

Ehhhh, find a good mountain bike trail for this weather. You don't freeze and it's a fun workout when you're kicking around with friends. Life's too short to wind it away on the trainer. (actually, I've just ran out of movies to watch while riding mine)