Saturday, April 5, 2008

Advil's first NRC podium of 2008!

Redlands crit today and Brenda pulled off 3rd place! HOT DAMN. In the morning she was talking about sitting in the "sprinter lounge" all day then making it first to the corner that mattered. And she did it, full time job and non tip-top fitness and rough day yesterday. Rock on. Kirsten finished the race looking like a coal miner from all the soot. Betina had rockstar positioning all day only to be held up by a freak crash in turn 1 on the last lap and perhaps get time gapped. Bitter given that she and Kirsten can do some major leap-frogging in the gc tomorrow. Me, I wallowed for the first half of the race, just not far enough up to do anything, then found my legs. And here's the funny part: with 8-to-go I jumped (following the attack spot of one Amy Dombrowski) for what I thought was a $225 prime, got a gap and went solo for 1.5 laps, then stuck on a couple who tried to bridge before we got resorbed. Maybe I really should have saved the effort for the finish. I just need more guts. But the punch line... the prime was for Rock Racing jeans. Mara held the lead, Alex Wrubelski snatched the sprint jersey from Kat, and you can bet that Sunset will be a battle, starting with the neutral. And in other team news, not to steal the thunder, Laura Bowles won her first time trial ever! It's a huge accomplishment given her habit of getting distracted by thoughts of passing butterflies during time trials.

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