Monday, April 14, 2008

Do you ever get bored?

Sometimes people ask me this and I am usually pretty puzzled. (Ok trainer maybe!) But there is a lot to think about on the bike, such as: that our Advil kit looks exactly like the CT license plate or what all these people outside now that it's spring do all winter. And today, spinning along to clear out my legs, I was imagining myself as a hummingbird, and I wondered, what if your coach communicated the training by way of animal icons? And you would have a weekly schedule of say tortoise ride Monday, cheetah Tuesday, ox Wednesday, hummingbird Thursday, sloth Friday, mountain goat Saturday, gazelle on Sunday. I think it would work just fine. I raced Bethel with the men this weekend, there to witness Jacob Hacker my favorite health care economist seal up the series. Then I rode around that area, sky changing every five seconds from ominous grey to crisp blue, and it was oh so nice. Hats off to Andrea Myers and Ann Marie Miller who have taken the women's series by STORM this spring. I missed some good battles but am really fighting the "steady hard" fitness this year. This week my training is the ultimate in training my weaknesses. Wish me luck on the standing climbing intervals!


byron said...

lately I have been training like a mountain goat...
from wiki:
Mountain Goat(Oreamnos americanus)
Daily movements reflect an individual’s needs for foraging, resting, thermoregulation and security from predators or disturbance.

Rebecca said...

Aren't there times when you're out riding and it's almost like meditation? Sometimes I have great thoughts while I'm riding, good ideas because my mind is free to just think while my body is doing its thing. Unfortunately, I usually forget all those great thoughts once I get home and put the bike away!
Looking forward to racing with you this weekend. :)

megA said...

sadly i do get bored. is there an animal icon for an ADD ride?

kits look grrrrrreat!

Anna Milkowski said...

So I do not think the coach would actually prescribe an AD(H)D ride, but a ride designed to ward off tendencies toward boredom and harness creative free energy to good training end. So it would be a "ride as you feel" ride, zipping up hills if you want, sprinting for signs, being playful - or just noodling. Butterfly? Dolphin? Small darting fish? Or perhaps a lion so powerful it just does what it pleases?

megA said...

oh Anna!

you are the best!

i am a small darting fish!


megA said...

you ROCK!!