Sunday, November 16, 2008

USGP 2 - Hooking the Tape

Besides the fact that it was 45 degrees with 30mph wind gusts, the conditions were identical to yesterday's. I planned to have a better start today and give slightly lower tire pressure a shot, maybe stay on the bike longer since the running was so exasperating and since I felt I should have ridden more yesterday. I was psyched, then had a dismal start, then just kept on going backwards and hooking the tape and crashing, all day long. It was awful. I pretty much was having nil fun. Pictured: warm-up attire, the course conditions, and photo from the men's race, featuring former New Haven resident Chris Jones.

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d said...

didn't know you were trying out for special forces. your uncle sam wants you! didn't know you're also a political junkie in addition to all the other stuff. a real modern -day renaissance woman. bet you can even defy gravity and swallow peanut butter while standing on your head. well anyway ya all have a good and safe thanksgiving. see if you can keep from falling off your bike and out of trees. don't you have your own website? have to keep going thru bad-ass brenda report, a.k.a. nanook of the north of the calif beach crowd, to get to yours.