Monday, February 16, 2009

Winter Update

Busy with school and embarked on a stealth training program featuring among other things, Pilates and watching hockey games. Tour of California looked dismal, race gone awry for lack of information. Good article about women's racing in the NYT. Not to mention one on electric shifting, which I find abhorrent. Trying to grasp the economic situation, keep up with stimulus packages knowing it's a lost cause if I fall behind. There's a spectrum of e-reporting from blog to facebook to twitter, which I find both ridiculous ("drinking coffee," "sunny day today," trivial and falsely casual (but actually highly constructed and self-promoting) details for anyone out there with much time to waste) and oddly compelling.


PoorDumbBastard said...

I agree with you on the electronic shifting. Call me a purist, but I think there is a limit to what assistance a rider has on the machine. It takes a bit of the 'making sure you can handle everything on the bike' out of the race which can add a bit of unpredictability to the mix. Heck, I resisted the ergo levers until 95 when the old Campy downtube shifters proved to be just too much of a disadvantage in criteriums since I was one of the few practitioners left of that type of shifting. I also say get rid of radios too. I better stop before I start railing against carbon wheels and I really like the sets I have.

d said...

good article in the health section of the mon 2/16/09 los angeles times ( bike riders and bone injuries. fits you pretty good. don't know if the times gives archive articles for free, but you're a yalie; you've got access to the resources.