Monday, September 6, 2010


Post-Fitchburg entailed more joyful though lackluster suffering on the bike with dear team Wheelworks, including Clamfest for the first time, then the gorgeous, authentic, and hilly Tour of the Catskills, then a heat-combusting Beverly Crit, then Witches Cup by which point I finally had some racing legs, only to fly the very next morning to...


I would get to see my brother's life in Fairbanks (a long overdue adventure), attend a wedding party of a grad school friend, add raw experience to intellectual grasp of a climate change frontier, and, in a late minute trip extension (sorry Green Mountain Stage Race), pedal the "Haul Road" (Dalton Highway) 500 miles from the Arctic Ocean to Fairbanks. The itinerary seemed destined to jolt me from my comfort zones!

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