Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Human Interest

We talked to truckers and pilot car drivers and caribou hunters (seeking tips), stopped at the Coldfoot truckstop 240 miles in featuring an all-you can eat buffet, visited an Arctic visitor center, camped on a seemingly-defunct runaway truck ramp beside an airstrip, encountered one other cyclist, met Todd who built a cabin by Gates of the Arctic where he hosts Japanese tourists (teaching them to roast hotdogs and shoot caribou), talked to a UAF geology fieldtrip, ate enormous burgers at the Hotspot, contended with mud and 15% grade hills (Beaver Slide pictured!), and pushed the final day to make it 80 miles in a rainstorm after eating lunch off a bike wheel. I reached a truce with my non free-standing tent, learned to put the panniers on frontwards each day, and suffered no mechanicals.


Toby said...

great pics but where is the picture of the person riding that cool looking fat bike ... wonder wonder

PoorDumbBastard said...

Great pics of your trip. That had to be quite the experience.

Mandy said...

dear girl! oh how i've missed your posts! thanks for keeping us up on your life. hope to see you sometime...please come visit the big-d as i'm entrenched (willingly) here for the next few months.
x's and o's