Thursday, March 22, 2007

Choose a Spin

How will I remember the Vuelta de El Salvador? Only partly and cynically like this photo from Tuesday's post-race party, but I didn't take any photos of myself doubled over in pain and throwing up, getting an IV hung from an unwound clothes hanger attached to a ceiling tile, seeing my teammates suffer beyond what any race should call for, or of my barely finishing the final two stages due to total depletion. I also missed the breathtaking poverty, street signs indicating prohibition of handguns, plumes of diesel exhaust and a landscape riddled with litter. At some point early on and already sick, I recommitted to making the experience as positive as possible, and entered a state of focus and denial that got me through it. The whole team did the same. Maybe I made some bad judgements, perservered too much, but as you can see from this photo, I made it out ok. There were even wonderful aspects of the trip. More to follow.

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