Friday, March 23, 2007

Sunday - Stage 4 Circuit Race

The Guatemalan woman had suffered two broken bones in her leg, at least one compound fracture, and was undergoing surgery. The bus driver was in jail. Should we have quit the race then? I felt like going home. This isn't the only time I have done a race that is unsafe, but each time it gives you pause. Combined with feeling awful, with how this experience was shaping up with so much illness for everyone, my will to race the circuit race was minimal to say the least. At the line, the officials spoke about the accident and what they had done to guarantee the safety of the circuit race, which was on the same course as the time trial course (but with a rolling enclosure and police escort). Our team plan was to sit in for the first of five laps, then for Mandy and Andrea to go on the attack. If I felt good I could attack late in the race, but I was pretty sure my race would be about survival given how depleted I felt. On lap two, Andrea launched a sweet attack that formed a break of six riders. The leader's team chased, which was hard for me but better than surging. The break lasted - Andrea got 4th. So close to a podium but/and a fantastic result and huge motivation to the team. In the field, I jumped on Longo's 2k-to-go attack but we got caught and I backed off in the chaos at the end. 15th place and same time. Oh and it turns out I got 5th in the time trial; Kathleen a very strong 9th. After the race I feel worse than ever, drink a Gatorade and that's all I can do. The team goes to the mall to eat; I stay home lying in bed sleeping. Jorge brings me plain noodles which I force down.

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