Friday, March 23, 2007

Tuesday - Party at Reuben's

After the race we showered and got back on the bus to go to a party/awards ceremony at Reuben's beach house. The bus ride was 1.5 hours, excruciatingly hot. We were all exhausted, but in my case exuberance at being done had taken over. For once my stomach felt ok. Hiroko cracked. Digging so deep for the whole week, drinking gallons of blue powder just to keep going, and she was done. I have never seen this dear friend so exhausted, so reduced and vulnerable. She found a bed at the villa. Later in the night eating some pasta and bread helped her feel somewhat better. You will see by now why the party photos seem unrepresentative of the race experience, but here are more, including the bus, Jorge, the villa, Andrea, Kathleen, and me doing some sponsor promotion, the podium (1st- Evelyn, 2nd - Tatyana, 3rd - Longo), the team podium (Evelyn's team, the Brazilians, and us) Kiki dancing, me and Kiki, and the ever-solitary Jeanie Longo.

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