Thursday, September 27, 2007

Combustion at Cross Vegas

I combusted. So much energy invested, so many people invested, and I combusted. Did not even know if I could finish the race, that's how backwards I was going. It was awful. Decent off the line, minus the handlebar lock with another rider. Course was almost all grass, an energy-sapping grass like a sandpit. Maybe one or two spots on entire course warranting the brakes. Tons of pedaling and it should have been good for me. Lyne stamped the race. Barb Howe is back, Mary McConnelaug too, and Chris Jones was rocking. Will just have to show I can do more than this. Hope I can have some legs for tonight, otherwise I will get dropped.

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girloffroad said...

It's a long season. You will have a chance to prove yourself again!