Sunday, September 23, 2007

Michigan Day 2: "You Have More Tools Than the Hammer"

Course today was very similar to yesterday, same and different tricky off-cambers, but the grass a bit more worn. Ran only 30psi today in the tubulars (35 yesterday) and it helped me to be much smoother in the corners. Got the hole shot again, led Kerry the whole first lap. But Adam noted what I think is the moral of the story: "You have more tools than the hammer." And said I should have eased up halfway through that first lap once I had forced the selection, made her do some work, because there was a drafting effect on this course. I wanted to lead since I didn't think I was good enough in the corners, but I was better today and maybe if I had not gassed myself I could have jumped ahead to lead those corners I wasn't good at or closed a small gap coming out. But instead I led that entire first lap, went pretty hard even though I did ease up and rest a bit, but made myself vulnerable to Kerry's attack coming through the start finish on the paved stretch. She put 23 seconds into me in that second lap, and the gap at the end was 37 (five lap race). Pack racing and tactics are new to me in cross because so often I ride alone (we all do in the women's fields), but I think it's important to improve in this area. But I was psyched to ride better today than yesterday. Tired now, fly to Vegas tomorrow, but going to get a burrito now, which some of you know is a great thing. Photo of JP winning plus my leg, taken by Steve Balough. I was awaiting the outcome of the 3rd place duel.

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megA said...

sometimes i just love adam's one-liners

but dang, the hammer seems to work so well. . .