Saturday, September 22, 2007

Michigan Tailwind Systems Double Cross Day 1

Legs up as usual just here in Michigan after the first race of the weekend. Today's course was a long confusing one, mostly dry bumpy grass with a bunch of tough off-camber left turns, one barrier set, one run-up, plus a trip through a horse barn (Adam said "not quite a beer garden.") Promoter Jeff Notz is extremely dedicated, the venue is fantastic, and you just hope the word catches on that this is a race weekend worth traveling to. 13 women is not a big enough field! I got the hole shot and led Kerry Barnholt around maybe the first half of the first lap, but should not have let her pass me prior to the barrier/off camber section, since I could have procured some Jittery Joes coffee but more importantly if I had led the off-cambers she would not have dropped me through them! She rode away and I was having one of those races were I didn't feel particularly smooth or strong, with too much speed-scrubbing and quite a bit of flailing through all those turns. My race was mainly about holding off the hard charging hometown rider Ann Schwartz to maintain second. But I held second and tomorrow is a new day. Jonathan Page took the win, followed by Swiss champ Mueller, and the attacking Chris Jones got third!

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