Saturday, March 15, 2008


New year, new team, new kit, new place to train! Team camp and would that I could send the Blue Ridge Parkway to New Haven as an email attachment. Cold but oh so nice. More later. Photo by Jeff Zimmerman.


Mandy said...

did you get ringworm? you look sooo skinny.
how are you?
miss being teammates. meanwhile, school is kicking my ass. and i love it. plus, i have a positive new relationship with my bicycle. you'd be proud of the balance i've been able to find that you managed to maintain yourself during grad school.
in case you couldn't tell: you are my hero!

Anna Milkowski said...

Mandy! Do I reply on your blog or mine? No El Salvadoran race w/o eating for four days this year - just a freezing day that must have prompted hoarding of heat. So cold and we bared the legs that day for photos! Sweet you are loving the bike. Me too. Spring will be very welcome. Don't be silly, rockstar, constant tension between breadth and depth here. Ok, now to review grading some exams (got to pre-empt regrade requests!) and review a 400-page book I am teaching tonight. Good thing the students are so fantastic.