Sunday, March 30, 2008


Yesterday while riding I heard a bark and alertly looked up to see a poodle with a fancy haircut presiding over an equally well-kept lawn. I love Connecticut! Last week turned out to be quite busy, given my vacation-maximizing approach of high-tailing it into town Sunday night. And remarkably, each week when on Tuesday I think I am just about a goner, I suffer total amnesia to the fact that 90% of each week's commitments fall on Tuesday. I continue to work off a long list! Some accomplishments: Bob helped me to dial in the position on the new bike, getting rid of some crazy stack height resulting from a stem with too much drop plus being on the large end of the height range when it comes to this frame size. The bike is now tip-top, and this guy is amazing to the point I forgive his lack of enthusiasm for sardines. Speaking of which, and along the lines of my fantastic crazy friends, check out this tribute to a sandwich hawked on the streets of Istanbul. School endeavors have been interesting, with potential for exciting on research of health impacts of urban parks. Considering too the scale of impact and action: Attended a talk on carbon markets based on "avoided deforestation credits," REDD, but think I have more faith in this X-tra cycle, brought to my attention by Laura Bowles and shown at work in this photo. Here is a link to an animated short I saw at Banff Film Fest, about noise pollution in a badger colony. Also pictured is the bro (with snowboard), maximizing life in Juneau! Lobster mits and thermal jacket yesterday, 25 degrees today but should warm for Bethel Worlds, but Wednesday I go to Redlands. Will spur the fitness to say the least!


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