Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 1: Rio de Janiero

Air after a long flight
I traveled to Brazil last week with a dynamite group including staff from the non-profit Rainforest Alliance, which works globally on certification programs in sustainable forestry (FSC), agriculture, and tourism, a few change agents, and other teachers at Andover and elsewhere working to integrate sustainability into teaching. So so exciting, especially after all this foot drama. In town for Rio +20, but straight off the plane to Ipanema Leblon. Famed too for its violence, Rio seems repeatedly heralded by locals as the best city in the world... (click title for more)
The first travel advisory out the window, prior to post-surgical wading

Favela rising to the left. See movie by same name.
Dry surfing
Such sidewalks, bike lane, road closed to traffic on Sundays, orange city bike share program
Everyone compelled to pose
Word has it 50,000 visitors and 100+ heads of state rendered a tacit agreement between cops and gangs: lay off it this week then you go back to your guns and robberies.
From the roof
Volleyball with feet!

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