Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 7: Brasilia to Datera Coffee

From Brazilia we headed to Daterra Coffee, a large family-run business near Uberlandia (embarrassing to realize I don't actually know where I was, a definite peril of group travel...). Greening the economy, markets as part of the solution, green bottom line, triple bottom line, power of consumers, you heard it before but this place really seems to do great work. They were the first certified coffee farm in Brazil, with over 10,000 hectares of coffee, and sell globally to roasters. Business practice involves significant social responsibility, with foundation work in public education and public service, and 50% of the farm acreage set aside as natural conservation areas, above the mandate of 25% plus riparian buffers. Not to mention the acclaim for their high quality coffee (though I'll acknowledge mixed results of our cupping exercise and discriminating coffee noses...) Fire from cigarettes thrown from the road (not so much land clearing anymore) post a threat, as does erosion. I wracked my brain trying to remember everything I knew about nutrient pollution and waste-waste treatment, resolving some google searches upon return. (click to see more)

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