Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 3: Rio to the Amazon!

Early morning Rio
Now we would travel from  Rio +20 to the Amazon, so many juxtapositions: urban to jungle, international city and the remaking of identity to family land and familial legend shaping identity, book learning to experiential learning, talking to doing... (click title for more)
 It was a long and metaphoric journey, as I suppose any Amazonian expedition might be, full of cliche-busting at its best. Driving in, so many connections to conversations and academic learning about the complicated truths of energy, land use, diet, and economic growth, not to mention renewables and the costs of Brazil's climate neutral energy sources of ethanol and hydropower... As well as some of the most potentially lethal fish bones ever encountered.
Transfer Brasilia

Rio Branco - I taught a student from here this year
Shopping mall in Rio Branco
We needed bottled water...
"Living dead" Brazil nut trees - illegal to cut but unable to survive without forest, cut down for cattle ranching, soy (to feed the cattle), and possibly in the future, sugar cane ethanol.

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