Sunday, August 12, 2012


Not sure what - the point may be that this dome is not even noteworthy.
My museum life is a bit unrealized, a casualty perhaps of too-long visits as a child. I'd like to visit a museum 20 minutes per day, in my ideal world. But being here, especially in the absence of sporting distractions and on a rainy day, I'm hard-pressed to make excuses. And so, the Museo de Arte Prehispanico Rufino Tamayo, showcasing the painter's private collection of pre-Columbian (I'm slowly learning bits of language and history) art. Way too much for a private holding- and people worry about art in Arkansas?! - and once again sort of overwhelming. (Click title to read and see more.)
Next to the Museo del Palacio de Gobierno where I enter through the side door to avoid a student protest in this city with history of explosive protests. There I view a photography exhibit of rural livelihoods in the 1920s, peruse a mural on local history, and go to a children's museum on Oaxacan culture and natural science. I play bingo, realizing I have zip knowledge of words for practical professions such as potter, hat-maker, and tailor. Then I check out a cool exhibit on scale in the universe - reminiscent of a recent trip to the ICA on infinity - and another where you insert a card for a given item (toothpaste, nails, table salt, a turtle, a tortilla...) and the associated elements light up on a grand periodic table. Then there's biodiversity, a useful topographic relief of the state of Oaxaca, DNA, and evolution. Again, sweeping!
Rufino Tamayo courtyard
Eek - Aztec (?) dogs

My narration is failing
Outside the Basilica de la Soledad
Oaxaca in the '20s
Arturo Garcia Bustos in case that means something
Me in the universe
Scale in the universe, starting big
Zooming in
Can you find Oaxaca?
Can you tell I love maps?
You are here.
Love it.
Fresh air lovely, though the open windows and low railings to the street were a bit terrifying.
Earthquake simulation suitably scary, though not as good as the Exploratorium's
DNA! Universal.

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