Monday, August 6, 2012

The Spaces Between

Monte Alban, elevation 1900m
Tourist bonanza yesterday, eight-hour combined sight-seeing / shopping racket worth every minute: Monte Alban, black pottery, seven-mole showcase, Cuilapam monastery, and alibrijes. Most interesting of course the spaces between: scenes from the van, snippets of conversation, the people. Guide Clemente went to high school in Pasendena, right near when I lived one winter training, prefers it here. And such light, air, and color! (Click title to see more.)

Clemente, French, Japanese, and Mexican travelers

45,000 residents at one point
No biking but stair climbing is good for the Achilles
Win this game and you get to die
Dona Rosa, pottery legend commodified; following Malia Obama
Sizzler, Churrascaria, Mole...
Green limestone
Construction abandoned
Afternoon rain is common
Used to have a roof
What do you want to pay?
It works
What is the boundary of family folk art and child labor?

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Elizabeth said...

Seven mole showcase!!!!! I need to hear more about this.