Thursday, February 14, 2008

Battling the Elements...In My Apartment

Snow, ice, rain, and now the seemingly innocuous environment of my apartment... Given this impressive outdoor weather - don't get me wrong I don't hate winter, I just lack enthusiasm for New Haven's pseudo-winter - I was on the trainer again. All good to start and then I just overheated, smoke coming out the ears sort of thing, hr 20-30 beats higher than it should be. Drank 6 bottles and still lost weight in water. Not supposed to feel ill after training... Checked out these power files of Judith Arndt cruising easily around Mallorca for 200k. Such a contrast to my riding right now, which is this "go go go" while I can stay warm or stay on the trainer mentality - oh to just cruise around in warmth and sun. Supposedly German cyclists, if the weather looks bad for the weekend, will hop on a plane to Mallorca, so some friends of mine and I have taken to asking "Mallorca this weekend?" Finally, write this great news into your September calendar: The Portsmouth Crit promoter has moved the start time of the women's race so that it no longer conflicts with the Suckerbrook Cyclocross. Let's all go out and race this great double day! Photos to indicate my point about New Haven winter: yesterday brought pouring rain on top of snow, necessitating cyclocross pit boots just to leave the house, then today gorgeous, a brilliant winter day, almost Mallorca!


PoorDumbBastard said...

dont click that link. bad things can happen.

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