Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weather Triumphs, Sparking a New Approach

Smarty-pants me thought I would outfox the weather today, so went out early to beat the snow and promptly crashed on a patch of black ice. Then I noticed the ice was all over, rear wheel even spinning out at times, and I tip-toed my way back home, riding as much as possible cross-style on the frosted grass so I wouldn’t eat it and get run over. Then I jumped on the trainer, buoyed first by an hour of silence, then by this new trash radio favorite, 104.1, (being the last person on the planet without an ipod) and proceeded to make my shoes just as soaking wet as they were yesterday. To add insult to injury, it’s now sunny and 42 (though rain and snow still forecast). I am adopting a strategy of interest-based not positional bargaining with the weather and will keep you posted. Dinner plans for tonight involve bringing a salad, so eat local is going to have to include walking to Romeo and Caesar’s Market today to buy a California lettuce. Otherwise, I’m charging on with the project, reminded of one time canoe camping with my brother and friends on an island in Lake Millinocket in Maine, where we had an excess of onions and roasted them over a fire, on whittled sticks and wrapped in tinfoil, each layer seasoned with a different spice – cumin, cinnamon, pepper, oregano. Going to stop before I adopt the complete diabetes-inducing diet, but for now I still have an orange, carrots, red cabbage, frozen peas, onions, and garlic in the produce department and the project has inspired some creativity. Check this out in the unintended consequences department: evidently two studies are saying biofuels are going to have a bigger carbon footprint than conventional fuels, due to forest clearing. Haven't really thought it through but one thing's certain: good intentions alone don't guarantee a positive outcome. Here's to finding the low-hanging fruit.

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