Monday, February 18, 2008

Subconscious Skips Sleeping Giant

I was finally going to brave the Sleeping Giant ride yesterday, to break out of my recent pattern of riding within a 100 watt range within a 10rpm zone on flat terrain or trainer. This is the ride I swore off three years ago, after I got hit from behind, the guy flipping up over a guardrail, because I decided to stop at a red light and not follow the riders ahead of me. It was a scary example of group-think and I lost my own better judgment. I am kind of renowned for my disdain for the ride. But yesterday I even went so far as showing up, but then I rode ahead to avoid waiting for the ride start, and overshot the turn (which I clearly know) and missed the ride! I realized at that point I was dreading the ride, went and did a nice hilly loop on the rural roads west of New Haven (as cities go this place is pretty nice for pedaling). Trying to figure out the best approach to this spring season: Redlands but then a big gap in my NRC schedule and there's a question in my mind about how to make things new and stimulating, given the familiarity of so many of these races. That said I am strangely excited for Bethel next Sunday. These photos are from time spent training in La Canada (home of the Rose Bowl) near Pasedena back in 2004.


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