Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bike Jam

Trying to be patient waiting for the field sprint yesterday at Bike Jam, I got lazy with positioning in a very sketchy field. Two people spontaneously crashed right in front of me on a straightaway, and just like that I have a broken fibula (the skinny bone in the lower leg). The break is not bad as this injury goes and I am looking toward a fast recovery. But what timing, just as I seem to be finding some legs, just as school ends and stress flies off my back, just as all the most exciting races arrive (Montreal WC, Grand Tour, Philly, Nature Valley...) I will find the opportunity in this somewhere.


PEANUT said...

Hey Anna:
That just soooo sucks! I broke that exact bone during a cyclo-cross race in gloucester a few years ago and i came back to racing much stronger after that. It is definitely one of the easier recoveries and with your superb fitness and determination, you'll be back even sooner than you can imagine!
Keep the leg elevated above the heart as much as possible the first few days! I made the mistake of flying immediately back to california after that with my leg not elevated and it delayed my recovery.

Anna Milkowski said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement and advice. I remember your Gloucester crash; now I understand it better. I really appreciate the tips, do feel this is the critical period to do the right thing.
Best of luck to you too,

Barb said...

Crappy! I have some sweet euro style crutches if you need them. How long in the plaster? When things get itchy in there I recommend using a chopstick.

Amy Dombroski said...

Hey buckaroo - sorry to read this. I wish I could be there to sign your cast. I'll be thinking healing thoughts - drink milk.

vonT said...

Sorry to hear about your crash, I narrowly avoided it myself. The pack got sketchy the few times it bunched up. I have a coworker who broke the same bone a few weeks ago. IMO, it's probably the best bone to break, outside of a toe or finger. (I know that's of little comfort now.) It's non-weight-bearing, so you should be walking again soon and on the bike shortly after that. You shouldn't lose too much fitness! Heal quick.

b-luv said...

just like a real made sure to get a picture at the hospital to blog!! good on ya...that makes me realize you still got your spunk ;)
will MISS you at the upcoming races! maybe you should still come to philly to be with team --- we would like that. sending thoughts of speedy osteoclasts forming for you!!! ;)

Heather said...

Those of you who know Anna already know this, but I have to say that Anna has yet again impressed me. She never once complained...not about pain, not about lost opportunity,not about a long drive back from Maryland with a broken leg, not even when I sat in the car and jammed my elbow into her elevated foot!!! She remains positive. Always an inspiration.

Anna Milkowski said...

Thanks dear friends,
Your support means a lot. Barb, I knew there was an Advil-Chopstick connection there somewhere! (My printed material from the hospital strictly advised against use of sharp objects...) Good to keep hearing that this bone heals fast and is actually quite non-essential - I even heard a story of someone having his excised for a bone graft. It's cliche and real to try to spin the positive but I will do my darndest - to whatever extent I take racing for granted and have fallen into complacency and ruts - well, now is the chance to kick this and start new. For now, recovery and academic life.
Be well,

dynamicduo said...

Hey Anna,

I wish you a speedy recovery and I'm sure you will be back to your awesome form you have had all this year. Maybe even better, a little rest sometimes is a blessing in disguise.


Leigh said...

hey anna! sucks about the setback, i hate that for you! but i hope you feel better and get back in action soon!!!


leigh =)

arleyk said...

Hey Anna-

I am REALLY sorry to hear about that. I was at Bike Jam, and had no idea that you were one of those who went down. Boy, it was a sketchy field, and for no apparent reason. I was wondering where you got to at Somerville, now I know! Anyway, take care, and we will all hope for your speedy return!

Dave said...

bummer, get better soon anna!