Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sleep Deprivation amid Wafflehouses

Things are getting better by the day! Friday the legs were coming around and it was super fun to race with Laura Bowles - we were starting to feel like a team. The sleep deprivation continues: race, eat, drive from Spartanburg to Atlanta, in bed by 2, up at 7:30, to sponsor event, lunch at Chipotle (no Wafflehouse!) nap at Starbucks, kill time, drive 2 hours to Anniston, AL. But sleep is overrated and you rally! We finally had our full team for Sunny King, sprinters galore. Legs finally getting better and so motivating to race for someone who can win. Jen got third and we are aiming for that top step today.


PoorDumbBastard said...

a great piece of Americana! Waffle House rules!

Rebecca said...

ah, yes, the "awful waffle".... at least that's what we called them in college. bloomington had its share of similar 24-hour establishments... awful waffle, denny's, and my personal favorite at 2 am, steak n' shake! hope your stomach feels ok!