Thursday, May 1, 2008

Walterboro: Lost the battle...

Decathlon day Wednesday: up at 4:30 in New Jersey; flew to Atlanta, then Savannah; drove to Beaufort, SC; built bike/picked up Kirsten/met host family's dog; drove to Walterboro, SC; waited through a bomb threat to race the bike; raced the bike at 7:30; drove back home, ate, in bed by midnight... Showed up at the race and other teams were saying "thank goodness you guys are here, it is getting old." The red teams - Colavita, Aaron's, and Cheerwine - are dominating the show and the others - Value Act, TIBCO, Vanderkitten - were getting grouchy. I had a new plan "be patient and count," with the intention of not wasting so much energy jumping on attacks, let alone making them myself, but then bridging to the break that stuck. It made sense given that Kirsten and Reem were looking to get their legs back. But easier said than done, right. I was patient - sort of - but then I missed the winning break. And I did try to get across, but the reds would not let me. Little me? I spent my energy trying and did not hold position into the final two corners and did not even finish in the money. Grrr. I was very sluggish on the bike with the jump almost laughable (prime - not even close), but otherwise felt ok. I guess it's to be expected after restful last three days on the bike followed by the long day. But I was pretty unsatisfied, not to mention exhausted.

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