Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Maybe I will even read a novel

Immense thanks for all the kind wishes and support. These last few days have been eye-opening. Until now, my lifetime injury list consisted of tendonitis, a broken pinky finger and a broken thumb, various ailments requiring RICE, and a few miscellaneous injuries with amusing titles such as "housemaid's knee" and "gamekeeper's thumb." Even so I thought I got what it meant to be injured, but OH NO NO. Now I am experiencing a life of sitting still, of asking for a lot of help, of strategic transportation planning across my apartment, of feeling empowered by small accomplishments such as taking a shower or going grocery shopping, and of fatigue making me vulnerable to frustration at mishaps such as smashing a glass across the kitchen floor. That said, in just a few days I will file these experiences away and be walking around ably (even pedaling on the trainer, according to the orthopedist) in this air cast! I have a diagonal fibular break with a 3mm gap that should heal perfectly well, but it might take a while. Word is 3 weeks wearing this cast all the time, then if x-rays show the bone fusing well, 3 more weeks in the cast but spared wearing it at night. I fully intend to heal in 75% of the time of a normal person and be back racing in July, but whether that's Fitchburg on the 3rd or Altoona on the 27th remains to be seen. For now count these blessings/opportunities: I can get a lot of work done on my thesis; my summer job, arranged with geographic flexibility for racing, also matches perfectly with sitting in bed; Yale has a shuttle service for the disabled and injured that will take me anywhere in New Haven (I won't be driving for the duration of this, atoning my carbon footprint); I will get to see non-racing friends I rarely see; and I can do some strategic planning as far as career and school. In the spirit of the weekend's unspectacular-but-consequential accident theme, I dropped my camera on the couch Sunday and broke the lens, so for now, a photo from the archive. This one is from the blooming desert in Tucson.


Buck and Dee Dee said...

I was so very sorry to hear about your crash at Bike Jam. I read about it on cyclingnews, ugh. I wish you a speedy recovery and many positive thoughts. Hope to see you soon on the cross bike.
Take care
Dee Dee

Emily said...

I heard from my mom (and then your mom) about the accident--was so sorry to hear about it. wishing you a very quick recovery. talk to you soon. xo em

Emily said...

(emily gitter)

megA said...

oh anna!

i am so bummed for your next month of racing, but very excited about your next month of thesis-ing. get all that stuff out of the way and clear a path for august and fall racing.

healing vibes heading your way. . .


Kirsten Robbins said...

Hi Anna-

You're cheering me up with your positive attitude and optimism. I have some great books that I will ship to you in the mail if you like. I hope your leg heals as fast as humanly possibly...take care of it and see you soon :)